AttiDudes was really just the next incarnation of the 3 Wild Guys project. We added 2 more members to the group and re-christened it with the name AttiDudes.

Roger Nash was added on for songwriting, guitar, and vocals. Tom Newhouse, Roger Schmidt, and I had worked with Roger Nash often in the past. Roger is a very talented songwriter and guitarist, and the only reason he was not involved in the 3 Wild Guys project from the start was that he was unavailable at the time. In reality, Tom Newhouse, Roger Schmidt, Roger Nash, and I go back many years and we all honed many of our songwriting, performing, and recording skills together.

Brian Primus was added for songwriting, keyboards, and vocals. Tom had worked with Brian in a band called The Criminals. Brian is also a very talented keyboardist, songwriter, and vocalist. Brian had helped us on projects here and there in the past, and when he became available, we all knew we wanted him in this project. Brian, who unlike the rest of us is a real ‘piano player’ and not just a ‘keyboardist’, brought an ability to add keyboard parts the rest of us could never perform, along with a songwriting style that was different than that of Tom Newhouse and Roger Nash.

Now armed with 3 strong songwriters and musicians with strong and varied instrumental ability, we headed off to the studio…  and here’s what we came up with.

All songs © AttiDudes (except Birthday and Can’t Do That © The Beatles)

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