DCL 1200 x 1200

Chris Moon – Producer / Writer for Prince
As the producer/writer for the recording artist PRINCE and with over 12,000,000 records sold I know great music and David Lyon is a world-class artist that by some bizarre act of the universe has somehow managed to go undiscovered – he is an artist for the ages and one I cannot recommend highly enough.

John Holden – The Recliners
David brought three essential things to our project. Respect for the music, for the instruments and for the musicians. He knows all the tools and tricks. He also knows when and how to use them. He made us sound as good we possibly can but not different than we really do. When people who are considering hiring us listen to our sample tracks, what they hear really is what they get. David is skilled, creative and honest. You can’t do better than that.

Laurie Strand – Flute Loops

I can’t say enough how professional and brilliant David Cramer Lyon is at recording and mixing music. He recorded our flute quartet, and made us sound so vibrant and meticulous. The sound was superb. David is well organized and keeps you motivated and excited during the entire process. You can’t go wrong working with David.