3 Wild Guys

This was a songwriting project with 2 guys I’ve worked with extensively over the years. Tom Newhouse is the primary songwriter, lead vocalist, bass player, and keyboard programmer. Roger Schmidt is the drummer / percussionist, and vocals, And I round out the trio on guitar and vocals. The tracks were recorded at Junior’s Motel Recording Studio in Otho Iowa in 1993. For various reasons, we were never able to finish mixing the tracks. So about 15 years after they were recorded, I decided to create this album from the rough draft mixes I had from the original sessions. Many of the song mixes are less than high quality, but because of the importance of these songs in my musical life and the fact that in my opinion these are really great songs, I felt it was important to master the mixes I had to the best possible quality they could be and finally create the album that deserved to be completed.

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