About DCL Music

I’ve had a passion for music my whole life. I remember when I was very young, spending what seemed like hours (in kid-time) sitting at our family piano, listening to all the beautiful rich tones and harmonics every time I pressed one of the keys. In reality, it was an old upright that was mostly in-tune, but to me it was the most wonderful and fascinating sound I had ever heard.

And so began the music lessons…

It started with piano lessons for a few years. Then came trombone lessons in junior high and high school (I could never get further than 2nd chair ’cause Blake Grangard was just too good!). I got my first guitar when I was about 14, and it’s been my main instrument since then.

Popular music went thru some dramatic changes in the mid 1960’s and influenced me in ways I’m still discovering today. People will ask me what style of music I like best, and I really have to answer with “all styles”. From Rock to Jazz to Classical, to R&B, it’s all wonderful. How could music ever be anything else?